Finding Your Personal Wellness

Working out can be fun and something you look forward to. I am excited about getting you healthy and letting you feel comfortable doing it. Together, we'll find a way that works for you. Listed are examples of some of the varieties of fitness sessions that are available.


Fitness Menu         

Mat Pilates - Muscles are balanced, and lengthened as you build core strength.

Ballet-lates - Ballet barre work improves extension, strength and posture.

Cardio at the Barre - Burn calories while the barre assists in alignment.

Yoga - Learn correct alignment and breath awareness. Stretch and de-stress.

Power Yoga - Build confidence and strength, increase your vital life energy.

Yoga/Quigong - Nervous system is balanced with strength, flexibility and focus.

Yoga Flow - Yoga postures flow together for a fluid, invigorating class.

Body Blast - The body is sculpted with weights, bands, stability ball, the step or bosu.

Hooping - A weighted hula hoop will build your cardio endurance and slim your waist.

Latin Dance Aerobics - Dance, get loose and have fun. You’ll forget it’s exercise.

Stress Relieving Exercises - Besides Yoga, Pilates and Quigong, other elements can be added to your program to relieve stress such as: focused breathing, meditation, visualization and prayer. Examining and living your belief system/faith is important for complete health.

"The medical research is clear that the deeper your true spiritual faith the more likely you are to have a better mental and physical health outcome. You are much more likely to cope well with illness and to recover from disease."

Walt Larimore, M.D. - Author - God’s Design For The Highly Healthy Person


Yoga retreats available for families, couples & groups.